Enter a Heading

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"The ice and snow have not yet melted, and the attack is a little hasty. However, the land of Jin is already in chaos, and a heavy blow can force them to make an early decision." After a slight pause, he added, "The Black Flag Army is very powerful, but if a general makes a move, he must be able to get it.". This battle is crucial. General, take care. On the face of Shu Liesu, there was only a proud fighting spirit: "If you can't defeat him, Shu Liesu will come to see you." Frozen, in an instant, is the sky, thunder and fire, Jianshuo ten years of war, in an all-out way to start. Not today. I've been using my brain a little too much these days. I can't sleep at night, and my work and rest have been disordered for two days. I have to let my brain empty today. Well, that's it. Chapter 865 Chapter 810 Cold Rain Near February, on the CD plain, the rain began to fall one after another, and spring has emerged. Located in a small village in the southwest of Jiading, after a spring rain,ultrasonic molten metal, the road is muddy. The small village named Zhang Village originally had a small population. Last year, when the Chinese army left Liangshan, the army of the Wu Dynasty was defeated one after another. A group of people looted the village and set fire to it, and then it became a desolate village. By the end of the year, the institutions of the Huaxia Army had moved over one after another, and many of them were still under construction. The gathering of people after the spring made this small riverside village particularly lively. I'm going to build a.. The arch like a courtyard. The voice of milk sounded in the yard, which was the sound of a little girl who had just been to the big city playing with mud in the corner of the yard. From time to time, people came in and out of the rectangular courtyard. Just as the little girl's crooked arch was about to take shape,ultrasonic extraction cbd, a group of people laughed in the next room. Someone said, "Add a dish at noon." The little girl looked up. She might not be very interested in adding dishes, but when she turned around, she gathered the mud at hand and began to cook dishes that only she could understand. This is the courtyard of the General Staff Headquarters of the Chinese Army, and most of the newly built houses nearby are supporting offices. Under the control of Ning Yi himself, most of the "conspiracies" of the Chinese Army are usually brewed here. After the beginning of spring, the work of the general staff has become busy, mainly because it has begun to arrange the details of the work for the new year, but the information from the outside world is also coming day by day. On the twenty-first day of the first lunar month, the news of the success of the northern alliance came, which made everyone very happy. The strength that had been thought to be vulnerable was twisted into a rope at this time, which was enough to cause a big trouble for the team of Zong Han and Xi Yin. And at the beginning of the first lunar month, the story of Zhu Biao's sneak attack was discovered, and everyone looked at it and thought it was interesting. During the break of the meeting, Peng Yueyun came out of the room and took a deep breath under the eaves, ultrasonic handheld welder ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, feeling relaxed and happy. He is twenty-four years old this year. He is from the northwest. His father, Peng Duben, is a general under the command of Zhong Lie. During the Northwest War, the Jurchens came with a vengeance. Zhong Lie led the army to defend Yanzhou. He did not retreat or surrender. Eventually, he was killed because of the destruction of the city. Peng Yueyun's father also died in the war. Most of the descendants of the Zhong family, and even high-level children like Peng Yueyun, were entrusted to the Huaxia Army by Zhong Lie before that, so they were saved. When his father died, Peng Yueyun was eighteen years old and vowed to join the army to slaughter the Jurchens, because he was beheaded by Ning Yi in the city of Yanzhou soon after his resignation. When Liangshan reorganized the Chinese Army, Peng Yueyun was eventually absorbed into the staff because he had been educated since childhood, had a flexible mind, and had no problem with loyalty. Young people naturally yearned for the front line at first, but soon found that the work of the General Staff seemed more interesting. Over the past few years, from small things to do things, first participated in the trade and transportation issues with several separatist warlords, and later participated in a major event, that is, after killing Tian Hu, business contacts with new forces, supporting the specific affairs of the Jin clique in terms of armaments and armed forces-this matter ultimately contributed to the opposition between the Jin clique and the Jurchen clique. It caused trouble for Wanyan Zonghan, who is now almost the strongest military force in the world. After ten years of rebellion, it has been several years since the head-on bloody battle with the Jurchens. This experience has made the atmosphere in the Chinese army quite iron-blooded. For this force of the King of Jin, there are not many people in the Huaxia Army who like it-Mr. Ning can play with these forces at will on the chessboard of the world, which is where the sense of substitution lies-therefore, for how much return this investment can reap, the people within the General Staff Department do not have too high expectations. This time, the exhibition sent five messages to convey the fairly good anti-Jin situation in Jindi, and then demonstrated the return of this investment. As for the determination of Tian Shi, Yu Yulin and others within the Jin clique, people have more or less developed a sense of identity-although the strength is still insufficient, but such determination is enough for the people of the General Staff to give each other a point of admiration. Peng Yueyun also has a great sense of achievement in his heart. When the northwest resistance to the Jin Dynasty, Zhong Shuai and his father died with the city, and the iron and blood were still in front of him. In the past few years, he finally participated in it. Since the fall of Liangshan, the Chinese army has made several moves to promote the overthrow and change of Tian Hu's forces, captured Liu Yu in the Central Plains, pushed forward the whole anti-Jin situation, and then jumped out of the Liangshan strategy CD last year. The forces of the King of Jin finally became the backbone of the anti-Jin forces in the Central Plains at this time, such as Wanyan Zonghan and Xiyin, who nailed a nail in front of these heroes. People who are in it can naturally feel the pride of huffing and puffing the world. He took a few deep breaths under the eaves, and Qu Qing, now his boss and teacher, came out and patted him on the shoulder: "What's wrong?"? In a good mood? "With honor." Peng Yueyun smiled and answered in a low-key way. Qu Qing also smiled and said, "Don't underestimate the enemy. The Jurchen luck sent a whole generation of heroes twenty years ago. After Aguda left, Wu Qimai had a stroke, followed by Zong Han and Xi Yin. Several generals under his command were also veteran generals in his military life. When he saw Zhu Biao, he did not attack in the end. It can be seen that he was more troublesome than expected.". Take the present as the basis and make more efforts. "Teacher, don't you allow us young people to be a little happy?" Peng Yueyun joked. Tense up. Qu Qing smiled,ultrasonic cutting machine, but his eyes were already full of serious light. "On the battlefield, stretch up at any time, don't relax." 。 fycgsonic.com