Monitor the time displayed on the screen. It is 23:35:12 when the power is cut off, and it is 23:39:21 when the power is supplied by the standby generator. Carefully identify the hands on the wall clock. It can be seen that the time indication before the picture jumps is at 11:33:45, and after the picture jumps, it is at 11:37:54. Although there was an error between the two timers, they recorded exactly the same time interval between power outages, four minutes and nine seconds. This is enough to show that there is no possibility of fraud in this video. Because even if eumenides can control the timing of the blackout through ingenious design, he can never control the timing of the start-up of the backup engine. Hua sent two men down to the basement to complete the work of starting the backup generator, and the speed of the two men was unpredictable. That is to say, the two men started the backup generator four minutes and nine seconds after the blackout, which is uncertain. So if eumenides faked the footage, the rest of the scene could be imitated well, but the hands on that wall clock couldn't be imitated because he had no idea what the time interval between the power cut and the incoming call would be! If eumenides wants to fake it, he will choose the left half of the screen that can't take pictures of the wall clock to operate. With his caution and meticulousness,ultrasonic spray nozzle, he should never let the uncontrollable wall clock appear in the fake video! Now the wall clock not only appears in the video, but also the change of the hands on the wall clock can be precisely consistent with the actual situation, which only shows that the video shows the situation of the office scene, and there is no possibility of fraud! This question has been solved. But Luo Fei's mood is not relaxed. Because the corollary is that at 23:39:21, a tall man did break into the heavily guarded office. With a sharp blade in his hand, he was about to embark on a bloody massacre! Where did he come from? Where did you go after the crime? This tangled problem has once again become the first focus of confusion in the murder case! www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m The Destiny of Death Penalty Notice (25) ^txt-。 Small% say days. Don This time Luo Fei pondered for a long time but still made no progress,ultrasonic cutting machine, but his brain gradually swelled. So he took a deep breath and repaired for a moment. Look at the time. It's past three in the morning. He pondered for a while and told Yin Jian, "Please inform Zeng Rihua and Teacher Mu to come over.". We have a live meeting at four o'clock. November third, four o'clock in the morning. Monitoring room on the first floor of Longyu Building. The on-site meeting of the "418 Task Force" began. Except for Liu Song, who could not go because of the protection of Du Mingqiang, all the other members appeared at the meeting on time. Yin Jian first introduced the incident, and at the same time played the video of the scene several times. For such a bizarre assassination incident, Zeng Rihua and Mu Jianyun could only stare and not speak, with an incredible expression. After waiting for Yin Jian to finish, Luo Fei began to add some information that the periphery had already grasped: "The cause of the power cut has been investigated clearly.". The building's main power supply cable was equipped with a time blasting device. The power of the explosion was very small, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, but the temperature generated was enough to melt the insulation of the cable, causing a short circuit in the power supply system. The standby generator was also passive. The output cable originally consisted of four sets of lines, three of which were cut in advance. The remaining set of lines could not withstand four times the design load, so it overheated and burned out after starting for more than ten seconds. Hearing this, Ceng Rihua shook his head with interest: "This is a bit interesting.". If he wants to destroy it, why doesn't he cut all four sets of wires? Just leave a group, I'm afraid there is another article, right? "He meant for us to see the footage behind." Mu Jianyun also began to think about this question, "Why?"? Show off? Provocation? Or That was part of his plan? Before you came, Yin Jian and I had some ideas, but it seemed untenable. "Luo Fei paused and said," Since everyone is here, we might as well discuss it. Well, we thought at the time that the latter video might have been faked. At that time, no one broke into the room, the purpose of the murderer was to lure Ah Hua and others to open the door, and then he could take advantage of the chaos to complete the assassination in the dark. "Well, that makes sense!" Zeng Rihua seemed to agree with this idea so much that he even clapped his hand on the table excitedly. Oh Luo Fei then asked, "Is it technically difficult to make a fake video?" Zeng Rihua waved his hand and said, "It's not difficult at all.". Think about it, the pictures we see on the screen are all electronic signals from the terminal of the monitoring equipment. If this terminal is a camera, then what we see is the picture recorded by the camera. If you want to fake it, just take the opportunity of the first power failure to unplug the signal transmission line, and then connect it to the pre-prepared playback terminal. After the power supply is restored, the monitoring screen will show the picture you play. "Well," Luo Fei understood the other side's explanation, and continued to extend, "after the standby generator was burned out and the power was interrupted again. All I have to do is plug the signal cable back into the camera so that the surveillance equipment is back to normal and doesn't leave any traces. Zeng Rihua clapped his hands and said, "That's right!" But Luo Fei frowned, and it seemed that the problem had not been solved. He asked a new question: "What about monitoring the time displayed on the screen?"? Can this also be faked? "This." Zeng Rihua scratched his scalp. That's not going to work. Because what is displayed on the screen is the time set inside the monitoring system, which has nothing to do with the terminal signal. That is to say, no matter what kind of picture appears on the screen,ultrasonic generator driver, the display time can not be changed. "In that case, the video can't be fake." Luo Fei was a little disappointed, and then explained the problem of jet lag shown by the wall clock in the video.