At the same time, Luoqianfeng five people are also really aware of the strength of the 6 Qing Dynasty, and can fight with their uncle Ziyang Sword Emperor until now, and even survive several swords, although Ziyang Sword Emperor did not use the real strength, but can do so to such an extent, and even trigger the hole empty space. Under the Sword Emperor, not to mention the White Spirit Realm and the Supreme Purple Emperor Realm, the Qing Dynasty is definitely the first person in the Golden Heaven Realm and their Qingfan Realm. In the void, without the slightest hindrance, the great sword with the sound of the sword went to Ziyang Sword Emperor, around the tip of the sword. Zhang Xu Fangyuan's empty space spread, fast Jingqi out of the turbulent space waves, the power of heaven spread, that momentum, seems to pierce the sky, will break the nine days. This evil of the Qing Dynasty, in the eyes of Ziyang Sword Emperor, gave birth to a little taste of the combination of man and sword. The Qing Dynasty, which was integrated into the giant sword of wind and thunder, could not see the slightest figure at this moment. Even the Ziyang Law, which originally suppressed the aura around it, was faintly torn apart by the great sword. The empty space of the cave expanded in an instant, and two huge forces shook away on both sides. All over the wind and thunder sword yuan simply can not resist the shock force from the empty space of the cave, the protective sword yuan is broken in an instant, and this force is directly imposed on the body of Jintian Sword of 6 Qing Dynasty. In the void, is a purple and white streamer across. Directly into a mountain more than three hundred feet high, immediately, the stone mountain will crash to pieces, and 6 clear figure, also from the billowing smoke and dust out of the manifestation. The corner of the mouth overflowed a purple and white blood, that kind of shock force, even if it is 6 Qing Dynasty achieved the body of Jintian Sword, it was also injured by the shock, but fortunately, his Fenglei Sword was very tough after some changes, even if it was enough to shatter the strength of today's Shenjian, it did not make it tremble. Looking at Ziyang Sword Emperor again, although he was also shaken out, he was standing quietly in the void at the moment. His eyes were staring at 6 Qing calmly. He opened his mouth and said, "I heard that you still have a magical sword style incarnating Jackie Chan in the battlefield of Soul Calibur. If you can, you can also use it. Of course, if it is harmful to yourself, don't use it." In the distance, listening to the words of Ziyang Sword Emperor, the five people of Luoqianfeng were lost in thought. Now the strength shown by the 6 Qing Dynasty has made their hearts tremble. At this moment, they all realized that the 6 Qing Dynasty had only greeted them casually before, and they did not even have the ability to force out a trace of cultivation. In the void, 6, who was floating again, nodded his head and said, "Shizu Xin!" “()” [Text Chapter 61 Wind Dragon True Thunder Style] The blood of the real dragon is boiling, and the blood of the real dragon breaks through the endless sea of marrow in this mystery, Marble Projects ,Silver Travertine Slabs, and manifests itself behind the 6 Qing Dynasty. The novel is offered for reading for thousands of years-wWW. Qianzai. CoM. The majestic sound of dragon singing sounded, bringing up a continuous wave of space, running towards the solemn gaze of Ziyang Sword Emperor. Wamby North Giant tail swing, purple and white blood of the real dragon roar, thick dragon tail wrapped with pure golden edge of the air twitch, will immediately break the void. Revealing the empty space of the abbot Xu Fangyuan. After reaching the eighth layer of the Purple Emperor Sword Body. The strength of the Qing Dynasty has almost reached an unprecedented peak. Between every move, I'm afraid it's not a huge force of six hundred thousand catties. Compared with before, I'm afraid it's nearly twice as much. Six hundred thousand jins of huge power to the blood of the real dragon, the blood of the real dragon, just like the dragon, between the giant tail swing, it is enough to open the mountain and crack the stone, break the void. This kind of strength has already passed the power of all the explosions of the Sword Sect. According to the estimation of the Qing Dynasty, even compared with the Sword Emperor, it is not far behind. However, how exactly, still need to compare to know. With a long chant toward 6 Qing, the dragon's giant tail swings, the dragon's horns go down, and it rushes straight toward 6 Qing. Looking at the blood dragon in front of us, the washed soul of life made a violent sound in the sword soul, and above, the indomitable will and sharp edge of the gas boiled up at the same time. Long roar to the sky, the majestic sound of the dragon rose into the sky, echoing with the blood of the real dragon. As if to feel the tenacious will of kendo, the blood of the dragon's eyes, suddenly shot out two pure white source of dragon power, although the powerful source of dragon power does not contain any power of law, but contains a most original majesty, this majesty straight toward Ziyang Sword Emperor suppressed down, in the void, suddenly gave birth to the majestic sound of thunder and wind roar. In front of Ziyang Sword Emperor, even Ziyang Law trembled faintly, as if in the next moment, it would be crushed by the majesty of the source. Up to now, Ziyang Sword Emperor's face showed a solemn look last time. In the distance, the five people of Luoqianfeng looked at the blood dragon that stretched across several miles. The clear scales and armor on the body were all overflowing with purple and white divine light. The dragon's power was shaking. Even if it was not aimed at the five people of Luoqianfeng, it still made their minds tremble. Between a few breaths, in addition to the fall of a thousand peaks, Xuanqing four people once again retreated Li Xu, just barely calmed down the restless mind. Is this the real dragon? Ming Xiyue murmured, her eyes full of disbelief, such power, between gestures to break the void, has been out of her imagination. It seems that this is the last resort of 6 Qing Dynasty. Although the body of such a real dragon is only a Dharma appearance, its power is absolutely beyond the realm of the Sword Sect. Xuan Ming then said in a deep voice. Did not answer, seek a thousand paths three people are closely staring at the movement of 6 clear, although shocked in the heart. But more, or joy. Isn't it? The stronger the Qing Dynasty is, the more advantageous it is for their Zixia Sect. Judging from the current situation, the migration of their Zixia Sect is within these four. During these four years, only by constantly strengthening the strength of the sect, can they have a foothold on the way of migration and even after entering the Golden Heaven. Zongmen, unlike individuals, only talk about interests, not friendship,Carrara Marble Slab, after all, Zongmen represent tens of millions of clansmen, and clansmen are the foundation of a clan.