Ruo Lan's competitive and strong heart is no less than Ying Qiong, not then clearly refused, but all on Ying Qiong. Zhi Xian is in a dilemma, very anxious. Have no choice but to guard the hole is a great responsibility, I am afraid that outsiders come to occupy, oneself will not fly sword can not resist, and then plead to Ruolan. When Ruolan saw that she looked very pitiful when she spoke, she said to her, "This cave is hidden at the bottom of the gully. How can outsiders know?"? If we go out, we'll be back soon. How can there be such a coincidence that something will happen? Sister, if you worry too much about yourself, I have two small spells, which were used for self-defense when my teacher asked me to collect herbs in the mountains in my early years. I'll pass them on to you. Zhi Xian Wen Yan exultation, hurriedly consult, the two magic, a similar stealth method, called "wood and stone hidden trace", there is a small? If you meet an enemy ghost, when you can't resist the enemy, put this? As soon as the exhibition moves, the ground gives birth to clouds and mists, covering the enemy's line of sight, so that they can escape. Say, if orchid takes out from the bosom one? Together with all kinds of pithy formulas, the two sides practiced several times. The exercises were skillful, and it was nearly night. Out of the cave early in the morning, Shen Diao had already turned around at night. Ying Qiong told yuan Xing a few words, telling him to listen to Zhi Xian and not to leave the cave without permission. Over the past few months, yuan Xing has been meditating with all the people, and has become more and more psychic. He has learned how to speak. When he hears his master's orders,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he quickly nods and obeys. Ying Qiong happily with Ruolan two people, hand in hand on the back of the eagle, to Zhi Xian way "treasure", healthy Lingyun, straight to Qingluo Mountain to fly! After Zhi Xian watched Shen and Li go, yuan Xing went to close the door to the top with a big stone, and worked hard day and night, waiting for them to come back without mentioning it. Now, however, the Eight Demons of Nishikawa were originally eight drama thieves in the Green Forest. Later, they got a book of Taoism and learned a lot of magic. They went even further and committed all kinds of crimes. The eight of them will be thrown into the door of the Venerable Poisonous Dragon,ultrasonic welding transducer, but it is from Yu De, the God of pestilence. Yu De suffered a disastrous defeat at the Ciyun Temple and fled in confusion. He met the Eight Demons and had a good talk. The Eight Demons also heard the name of the Venerable Poisonous Dragon in Tibet for a long time, so he was brought by Yu De to the Demon Palace of the Venerable Poisonous Dragon. When the Eight Demons were running amuck in Xichuan, they had also suffered a lot from the decent swordsmen and the masters of Emei. As soon as they saw the Venerable Poisonous Dragon, they mentioned it, and then pushed it to the chivalrous monk Yifan. There were two disciples who wanted to come to worship the mountain on the Dragon Boat Festival to ask about the teacher of sin. When the Venerable Poisonous Dragon heard this, he was furious and said, "The Emei Sect has really gone too far in bullying people. It's only the ignorant young people who have come this time. Where are you afraid of him?" "Be that as it may," said Yu De, "last time at the Ciyun Temple in Chengdu, the green-robed ancestor was so fierce that he broke the green-robed ancestor's magic weapon and cut him into two parts without showing up. So far, where is the green-roomed ancestor going? His whereabouts are unknown. Don't be careless!" The Venerable Poisonous Dragon sneered repeatedly, and Yu De added, "Wuyunbu of Mount Huangshan, the wonderful fairy Xu Feiniang, is highly skilled in Taoism. She has always had a grudge against Emei, and she is an old acquaintance of Shifu. Why don't you ask her to help?"? There are also the Huashan Fire Patriarch and others. If you can, please come. The momentum will be huge first. What's wrong with that? The Venerable Poisonous Dragon thought for a moment and said, "Except for Xu Feiniang and the Fire Patriarch, if you meet someone who is really capable, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, just make an appointment. The rest are no match for Emei. Don't make an appointment!"! Save the time to lose in vain, lose their own eyelids, but also harm others! Yu De was ordered to rush to Mount Huangshan in person. At the foot of the mountain, he met the disciple of Wanmiao Fairy Xu Feiniang, the three-eyed red lion Xue Python, and another prostitute in the cult, the nine-tailed fairy fox Liu Yanniang. Xue and Liu were also the sorcerers who fled in confusion after the defeat of the green-robed ancestor of Ciyun Temple. Yu De said that Ding had come, and the three of them drove their swords to Mount Huangshan together. After flying to Wenbi Peak, Yu De wanted to show respect and dropped his swords. The three of them went up on foot. As they were walking along, they suddenly heard the voices of two women talking and laughing in the pine forest by the roadside. The three of them listened attentively, and one of them said, "It's a pity that Wen Mei is not here for such a beautiful scene. I'm the only one left to enjoy it together.". "The other said," Shifu said that Wen Mei has a deep foundation, and now she and Qi Lingyun, the daughter of the real master of Emei, are practicing at the Emei Ningbi Cliff. Their future is limitless. How can we compare with her? " The woman who spoke at first said, "You are not ashamed!"! "You've become a teacher in vain. Look at Wen Mei. Are you still jealous of her?" The other woman replied, "Who is jealous of her?"? I'm happy for her! Everyone's encounter is also really determined, take Li Yingqiong said, at first she was a little girl, but the foundation is thicker. First, I got the Golden Eye Sculpture of the Immortal Bird under the seat of Monk Pai Mei. Later, I got the Ziying Sword of Shizu Changmei Zhenren. Later, I accidentally ate a lot of immortal fruit and immortal medicine. After a hundred years of penance, no immortal could get the Tao as quickly as she did! As the two women asked and answered, it sounded like they were gradually coming out of the forest. At this time, it was Mengxia weather, warblers flying in front of Wenbi Peak, grass growing, miscellaneous flowers blooming, and the whole mountain was like embroidered flowers. Yu De had lived in Tibet for a long time, and he didn't often see such a beautiful scene. He also heard these two women talking like spring warblers out of the valley, and they were graceful and entertaining. At first, he suspected that they were close to Wuyunbu, and that they must be the disciples of Wanmiao Xiangu. Later, the more he heard, the more wrong he was. Just as Yu De was about to ask Xue Python, he suddenly heard a loud voice in his ear, saying, "How dare you come to die!" Words have not yet, two women appeared, rocker, two sword light, at the same time to fly to the top of three people. Three people fixed their eyes on a look, these two women, Yu De does not recognize, Xue Python is recognized, is not far from Xu Feiniang's residence, two female disciples of Master Xiaoxia, Zhou Qingyun and Wu Wenqi, that Zhou Qingyun, is also Zhou Chun's daughter. As soon as Yu De saw the light of the sword coming, he immediately sent out the light of the sword. Xue and Liu also stepped forward to meet the enemy. Although they were three against two, except for Yu De, both Xue and Liu were gradually exhausted. Everyone's flying swords were tangled in the air when they heard a loud cry in the air: "Don't hurt my Younger Martial Brother!" Say, then there is a sword light flying! The light of the sword fell to the ground, and a tall and straight young man appeared. Between his eyes, he seemed to be very sad. It was Szeto Ping, the great disciple of the wonderful fairy Xu Feiniang. Szeto Ping's life experience was extremely bitter, and Xu Feiniang saved him in a narrow escape from death, so Szeto Ping worshipped Xu Feiniang, but after a long time, Szeto ping saw that what Xu Feiniang had done was not perverse. And the meal Xia master, and close at hand, the heart is a great yearning for decency,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and dare not betray the school, so the heart is depressed, it is difficult to see happy face.